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As a registered investment advisor, Servant Financial has the personal commitment along with the professional responsibility to provide you with sound investment advice. Your success is our success, and we only act in your best interest. This is ethical advising you can trust.


The Servant Difference

Our step-by-step advisement process is designed to find investment preferences aligned with your values, allowing you to confidently pursue and achieve your financial goals. We never rush into things, and we take our time to ensure expert implementation and monitoring of your investments. Our guiding principles—integrity, compassion, and expertise—can be found in everything we do:

Your success is our success. As a registered investment advisor, Servant Financial is not only legally obligated but personally dedicated to putting your interests ahead of our own. In addition, we invest alongside clients in the same portfolio models and private market investments we recommend for you. This ensures integrity, transparency, security, and trust between investor and advisor.

We proactively monitor emerging investment trends including Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) investments. We help you invest with purpose by keeping up with trends in social justice, diversity, and governance investments; decarbonization and other environmentally conscious investments; and digitization and technology trends. This also includes investing in the post-COVID world.

We make low-cost, passive investing accessible to you. Our expert knowledge along with low-cost, broadly diversified public investment solutions help you start on a secure path toward your financial goals, right now.

As your personal registered investment advisor, Servant strives to ensure that your investment journey will be specifically tailored to your needs, preferences, and goals. Together, we will invest with purpose and share in success.


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About Servant Financial


My name is John S. Heneghan, registered investment advisor and president of Servant Financial. I established Servant Financial because I believe in investing with integrity, compassion, and experience. It’s our mission to provide the trusted financial expertise you need to manage your investments and build a better future for you, your family, and your community.