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Risk-Based Asset Allocation

Core Index Strategy

Satellite Active Strategy

For larger accounts and more risk tolerant investors, Servant Financial also employs active investment strategies by using a value approach to individual security selection and actively managed mutual funds.

By definition, value investors purchase securities that are trading below their true or intrinsic value. Servant Financial will identify businesses with sustainable business models then acquire the company's common stock only if the price is attractive. We believe businesses with sustainable business models tend to have the best long-term stock market performance. Click here to learn about the characteristics these businesses typically share.

Having assembled a list of companies that have strong and sustainable competitive positions, Servant Financial conducts an intensive analysis required to formulate accurate estimates of long-term earnings power and valuation. We maintain a long-term investment horizon of 5 to 10 years because we believe longer-term earnings estimates are a more accurate indicator of true intrinsic value. From time to time, investments may be made in certain turnaround or contrarian situations that provide for a margin of safety, but that may not meet all of the characteristics of a sustainable business model.

Did You Know?
We will identify companies that have sustainable business models with share prices trading below their true values.