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Risk-Based Asset Allocation

Core Index Strategy

Satellite Active Strategy

Achieving long-term, risk-adjusted returns starts with a sound asset allocation policy. Studies indicate that approximately 90 percent of the variability of returns stems from asset allocation, leaving only 10 percent of the variability of returns due to security selection or market timing. As described in our step-by-step approach, how your assets are divided among various investments will be determined based upon your objectives.

Servant Financial's investment process involves assigning each client a risk metric. Based on our assessment of your risk profile, you will be assigned to one of the following risk metrics:
  • Stable InvestorYou are looking for current income and a high degree of stability in your investments.
  • Conservative Investor You want current income and stability and are not necessarily concerned about increasing the current value of you investments.
  • Moderate Investor You are a longer-term investor who doesn't need current income and wants reasonable and relatively stable growth.
  • Aggressive Investor You are a long-term investor who wants high growth and doesn't need current income.
The asset allocation and investment plan that Servant Financial develops for you will be based upon the type of investor you are as well as your life goals. Click here to see how assets are allocated for each different type of investor.

Did You Know?
Asset allocation accounts for about 90% of the variability of returns.