Step-by-Step Approach

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The investment services you will receive can be summarized in four principal steps.

Client Discovery
Client discovery is the cornerstone of the Servant Financial investment advisory process. A fundamental knowledge of your specific objectives, values and needs enables us to deliver timely advice and services that are both useful and suitable to your situation.

First, we get to know you through a combination of client meetings, interviews, and/or questionnaires. Your investment objectives are identified by assessing your risk tolerance based upon factors such as age, income, education, need for cash flows, investment goals and restrictions, and emotional tolerance for risk. < Back to top >

Investment Proposal
After analyzing your financial situation, Servant Financial formulates an investment proposal and policy statement that summarizes customized asset allocation and investment portfolio recommendations to meet your specific risk tolerance, time horizon and life goals. < Back to top >

Next, we implement the agreed upon investment strategy to provide an optimal combination of diversification, low cost and performance. We walk you through the administrative aspects of opening an account, accessing it online and the client reporting process. Servant Financial utilizes secure, web-based technology to expedite the account administration process and delivers convenient client reporting through a strategic alliance with BridgePortfolio. < Back to top >

Lastly, Servant Financial monitors capital market conditions, portfolio performance, and your personal situation for critical changes in circumstances. The client discovery and investment proposal steps are designed to establish a direct, open channel of communication between us so that important issues and concerns are promptly discussed. This last step establishes Servant Financial's advisory process as a continuous process so that portfolio rebalancing and other adjustments are appropriately made to reflect significant changes in important variables underlying your investment strategy. < Back to top >

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Did You Know?
Servant Financial's investment process involves assigning each client a risk metric based on our assessment of your risk profile.